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Suka Nuts LLC

Served/To Go Foods


Welcome to Suka Nuts, your go-to destination for a divine assortment of homemade nut delights! Our passion for nuts is reflected in every meticulously crafted treat, from the irresistibly sweet candied spiced pecans that elevate fudge brownies to a new level of decadence, complete with caramel and our signature candied pecans, to the bold and spicy kick of our hand-seasoned BBQ peanuts. At Suka Nuts, we pride ourselves on infusing every creation with love and dedication, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of flavor. Step into our haven, where the warmth of our handmade delights invites you to savor the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Suka Nuts – where nuts and love unite to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

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Fairfax County, VA


Renee Mehrdad
Suka Nuts is the brainchild of my post-retirement venture, fueled by a burning passion for nuts and an innate desire to keep working. Not ready to let go of the joy that comes with creating delectable treats, I decided to bring my amazing candied nut recipes to the forefront. With a natural inclination for engaging conversations, it became clear that a farmers market was the perfect setting to share my love for nuts with everyone. Suka Nuts is more than a business; it's a manifestation of my dedication to crafting exceptional candied nuts and a testament to the belief that good things happen when you pursue your passions. Come join me at the farmers market, where the love for nuts meets the joy of connecting with people over delightful treats.


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