Stay in contact with fully integrated email and SMS texting

Simple, direct and effective communications for

Market Managers

More effectively communicate with vendors, keep customers updated, drive better attendance with simple, direct marketing campagins. All in one fully integrated platform.

Market Vendors

Create customer distribution lists with ease, let customers know when and where you will be selling. Inform customers about your products and run promotional campaigns.

Key Features

Tag based distribution lists

Add contacts with ease

Fully integrated email

Fully integrated SMS Texting

Low fees

Help when and how you need it

We're committed to your success with round the clock support

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Affordable options for every situation.



  • Unlimited Vendors*
  • 0 Contacts
  • 1000 Emails
  • 0 SMS Messages
  • No SMS Number



  • Unlimited Vendors**
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 3000 Emails
  • 1500 SMS Messages
  • Toll-free SMS Number



  • Unlimited Vendors**
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 6000 Emails
  • 4000 SMS Messages
  • Toll-free SMS Number



  • Unlimited Vendors**
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 10000 Emails
  • 7000 SMS Messages
  • Toll-free SMS Number

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*Only pay $5 a month when no SMS is sent or recieved and less than 1000 emails are sent.

*Overage is charged once plan is exhausted at .01 per email and .02 per SMS.

**Available only to markets with activated events.

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Messenger for markets with an actively managed season

Learn about the free messenger features available to help you manage your market.

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