SoulSmith Kombucha LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

, VA 23220

SoulSmith Kombucha LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


My name is Nani Smith.
I have been eating and drinking Kombucha and other fermented foods my whole life.
I grew up in South Korea and immigrated to California with my family about 40 years ago.
I learned much of what I know about making these health promoting natural foods from my mother. Upon growing demand for fermented products and encouragement from my family, friends and clients, I decided to start SoulSmith Kombucha in 2018.

Sharing Kombucha and Kimchi was the natural next step in my journey to holistically improve the health of my community.
I have taught yoga and meditation for almost 30 years and encouraging yoga students and clients to live balanced like style by eating healthy foods, exercise and meditation.

I believe that there are no short cut to achieve healthy life style because it’s a life long process and journey.
I believe in ancient wisdom and well documented health benefits associated with drinking Kombucha and eating fermented foods.

I make high quality gourmet Kombucha, the “ Soul Drink”, Kombucha kimchi sauce and Kombucha Kimchi.
We do specialize in making a stamina Kombucha drink, Red Ginseng Kombucha which is our signature flavor.
Also, we offer several delicious and refreshing flavors as well.
We have been selling our Kombucha products at the St.Stephen’s Farmers Market, West End Farmers’ Market and with BirdHouse, RVAg, Center for Rural Culture through Lulus Local Food website and Old Tavern Farm. Also, you can find our products in stores at Ellwood Thompson's Local Market and Libbie Market.

Thank you!

Nani Smith


Richmond, VA