Overachieving Tea

Specialty Food Artisan

Broward County, FL 33020

Overachieving Tea

Specialty Food Artisan


We are Crafting World Class Artisanal Yerba Maté. A Micro Brewing and Blending Company Passionately Driven By Innovation, Quality & Pushing The Boundaries Of What Tea Is. We bring a modern and innovative fusion to traditional yerba matè. Each of our proprietary blends contain different herbs to provide different health benefits.

All of our blends are wellness, healing and energy focused. We source our ingredients organically and local as much as possible. We brew and blend weekly to preserve freshness and use no preservatives or artificial ingredients. All water we brew with is hydrogenated and high alkaline to increase beneficial effects. We want to spread wellness through our teas and exemplify an OverAchieving lifestyle by bringing value to our community. We have personally designed all of our packaging and pack and brew our tea ourselves.

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Hollywood, FL


Chase Austin Cookston
I work hard on personal growth and to spread well being through my life style brand Overachieving Tea. I aspire create the best yerba matè tea blends in the USA. I take joy in knowing that I am spreading wellness and a quality product to my customers . I have been on a healing journey for years now and this company is everything to me. My partner Corrie and I have a tilt for adventure and we love the outdoors! We are looking forward to working with you!


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