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Porkstork is our brand to sell pork from our forest raised pigs. our pigs are from the heritage breeds Large Black and Red Wattles, they are born on our 20 acres farm in Rhoadesville. The piglets are weaned off when they are minimum 2 months old. We raise the feeders in Locust Grove on our 160 acres property. Their diet is mainly from their foraging and rooting. We supplement them with local sourced hog feed, mash from the distillery and spent grain from the brewery.
Our farm is Animal Welfare and Virginia's Finest approved. We ensure that our animals have a good life and being processed at the USDA and Animal Welfare approved processor located in this area.
We offer standard cuts and 12 different sausages as griller, links and patties. We are cooperating with the two restaurants and offer their recipes for our meat.

Production Practices

Antibiotic And Hormone Free Free Range


Rhoadesville, VA


Frauke Bruns
Douglas Zemanek and Frauke Bruns bought this mostly wooded property from 2011 to 2013. Our aim is to farm sustainable. We decided on pigs since they are known for their foraging and rooting skills, We aim to turn the wooded property into wooded pasture, which can be used for horses lama or alpaca.
Our animal management is focussed on giving the animals a good life, outdoors with shelters for cold and hot periods, fresh water, no antibiotics or hormons to accelerate the growth.
Our goal is to grow the animal slowly in order to increase the quality of the meat.
In 2018 we started to sell our meat on farmers' markets like Manassas, Tackett's Mill Woodbridge, Long Farmers' Markets in Stafford, Palisades Georgetown.
We have spare capacities for additional markets