Kara's Greek

Specialty Food Artisan

Pinellas County, FL

Kara's Greek

Specialty Food Artisan


As I started a family of my own, I continued to make this recipe and even began to use it as a marinade on meat and vegetables. It was (and still is) a staple in our household. Anytime I would entertain, I would serve it to my guests and I would always get asked if they could take some home with them!

It wasn't until 1996, that I started realizing our family recipe was a hit, which gave me the idea to start gifting small batches to friends, family and co-workers for the holidays. Then... the word was out!

In 1998, I started collecting and up-cycling wine bottles from family and friends and began to sell what is now known as Kara’s Greek Marinade.

It’s crazy to think that what started as a simple Greek salad dressing at my dinner table as a kid, has now evolved into a marinade that we are able to share with so many other families!

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St. Petersburg, FL


Kara Grammen
Myself, Kara, my daughter and partner, Angela Lancaster have decided to take this product from something we only shared with friends and family to something we can share with the world.


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