Friends product LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

Hillsborough County, FL 33610

Friends product LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


I have a lot of different product
8 kinds of garlic
10 kinds of yogurt
10 kinds of dips
10 kinds salads
10 kinds of hummus
And more coming up(soon)

Programs and Partners

Production Practices

Non Gmo Antibiotic And Hormone Free

Daily fresh made spreads with over 20 different flavors of Yogurt Hummus and Garlic dips made with love and pure ingredient


Tampa, FL


Samir Awad
My name is Samir Awad founder and owner of friends product company, live in Tampa, FL started the idea at a family restaurant in Garden Grove CA customers loved it and i was so happy to see good feed back and support from all my customers, decided to take it to the next level and show some creative ways of serving the best spread along the coast and come all the way to Tampa FL and start my Journey


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