Stop stressing over ever changing event maps

Stop stressing over ever changing event maps

July 17, 2020

Updating your map layout can be a challenge, especially when having to do it multiple times, which is the unfortunate "new normal" during COVID-19.

To help, our team worked with customers to analyize patterns of usage and identify specific pain points. The result is an amazingly powerful update that removes all the frustrations of incremental map updates and complete map replacements. It puts you in control of when and how you update your map.


Need to update the spacing of booths to be farther apart?

Have to add or remove some booths?

Just modify your template and update to your live map.

Need to move to a completely new event location?

Want to completely change your map style?

Just create a brand new template and swap your live map.


For full details take a look at our Event Map Support Article