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The Herbalist’s Garden is passionate about providing individuals with herbal knowledge, personalized guidance and the highest quality herbal products to promote holistic well-being. In the country outskirts of Williamsburg, Virginia, nestled in a haven along the shore of the Chickahominy River, lies The Herbalist's Garden. This private garden spreads beside the herbalist’s home where Amanda Carpenter sows native and heirloom non-gmo seeds in her greenhouse, nurturing the sprouts until they are ready to be transplanted. The garden’s soil is constantly amended with fresh compost on site, promising the harvest of nutrient dense herbs. Emphasis is placed on creating a healthy environment for plants to thrive, taking preventative measures as a gardener rather than reactive chemical usage. Techniques used within the garden include: companion planting, no-tillage, the promotion of native pollinators and insect-eating birds, organic fertilizers, hand pulling weeds, welcoming beneficial bugs and the understanding of positive polyculture. These environmentally conscious gardening techniques result in fresh, potent herbs which are then hand gathered & crafted by the herbalist. The Herbalist's Garden sells tea blends featuring these potent herbs. Original formulations by Amanda Carpenter, these blends highlight the traditional use of complimentary botanicals within western herbalism. In addition to fresh, fragrant & flavorful teas, The Herbalist's Garden offers nourishing salves, balms, lotion bars, and effective serums.

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Amanda Carpenter
As a gardener, my hands have delved deep into the soil, fostering plant life with tender care. Working in harmony with this profound connection to the natural world, my love of gardening grew into a pursuit of botanical knowledge. My studies have resulted in the pursuit of the Clinical Herbalist Certification from the Heart of Herbs herbal school. This ancient mountain of knowledge has been traversed before by our ancestors leaving a well trodden trail full of education and tradition. My pursuit as an herbalist has allowed me to delve deeper into the remarkable virtues of medicinal plants. Nature has gifted us with a bounty of herbs, each with their unique properties to offer solace to both body and mind. I am constantly discovering new plant allies, cultivating them, and utilizing their extracts to restore balance and invigorate the spirit. In The Herbalist’s Garden I use non-GMO seeds that I sprout, transplant and grow myself utilizing pesticide-free, organic-methods of gardening. An emphasis on healthy soil promises the harvest of nutrient dense herbs. I hand gather these herbs, formulate & craft high quality herbal supplements. From the alluring aroma of lavender that calms our restless minds to the robust power of echinacea that bolsters our immune systems, I am fascinated by the diverse array of plants and their therapeutic potential. Whether it be brewing potent infusions, crafting fragrant salves, or preparing powerful tinctures, the artistry of herbal concoction is a testament to the intricate dance between science and nature. Through consultations I aim to inspire, inform, and empower individuals with this botanical knowledge that is a birthright to ever human being on this shared planet. Together, we can unveil the medicinal potential of every leaf, root, and blossom. Join me on this enchanting path as we explore the wonders of plants, indulge in the healing embrace of nature, and celebrate the art of nurturing, the power of botanical alchemy, and our profound connection to the natural world.


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