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DanDough Bakery

Specialty Food Artisan


We're passionate about health and how food is a key part of your overall health. To us, making artisan breads using traditional methods is as important as the ingredients we choose to use in them. We love the process of baking; but our deepest pleasure is knowing the health benefits of eating DanDough sourdough.

At DanDough we use no commercial yeast - only natural sourdough starter - to prove our breads and treats. Using natural starter slows down the fermentation process of dough, but the trade off is a much, much healthier carb. Traditional sourdough and the longer timeline reduces the gluten impact on your gut, makes fiber even more available to your body, and the best part - an amazing, unparalleled taste!

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Hi! I'm Dan, the main baker and creator of DanDough. I am one of 5 children, which meant lots of cooking for lots of people. I spent plenty of time as a kid in the kitchen helping make all sorts of foods - including lots of baking with my mom!

Like many small businesses, DanDough really started during the Covid19 pandemic of 2020. I started making old school sourdough focusing on understanding the fermentation and health benefits that comes with the real, original way of making bread. I would give away loaves to neighbors and friends and eventually people started asking to pay for it - and the basis of DanDough started there and grew organically into what it is today. The name actually came from a child of a friend asking for "Dan's Dough" and boom - it was DanDough henceforth!

The many health benefits of REAL sourdough, specifically cold fermented, are becoming well known - but the highlights are: reduced glycemic spike and more sustained energy, reduced gluten impact on your gut, and more available fiber. Plus, after all the time that the starter gets to work on the flour it brings a DELICIOUS taste to the dough.

Thank you so much for checking us out and giving us the opportunity to bake for you!


Leander, TX


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