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Oil and Honey Shop

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


I made all natural and safe skincare products. It has also upset me how most skincare products are bad for you or have harmful ingredients. In an effort to be healthier I started making some of my own skincare products. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked so I gave some to family and friends. They loved it so much which encouraged me to start selling them! I make all natural face washes, body butters, moisturizers, dry shampoo, bath salts, lip balms and oils that can help headaches, period pains, sore muscles etc. I only used natural occurring and safe ingredients that all serve a beneficial purpose to your skin and hair. I am excited to reach more people and spread my love of healthy skincare!

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Georgetown, TX


Katy Blackmore
Hello, my name is Katy! I have lived in Georgetown TX my whole life with my parents and sister. Growing up I have always loved science and experimenting as well as beauty, which naturally lead me into making skincare products. When I'm not making products or working my day job, you will most likely find be with my family, working on my truck or trying to tire out my puppy!


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