Fit and Forge - Permanent Jewelry and More

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art

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Fit and Forge - Permanent Jewelry and More

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


Hello! We are a husband and wife duo who love making custom, unique gifts for our customers!
There are two sides that much up our company, Fit and Forge.

Fit is the Jewelry side where we specialize in sterling silver and 14k gold filled necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings that are custom fit and built. Customers have the option to purchase a permanent (custom fit and welded) or semi-permanent (with a normal clasp) piece of jewelry during their time with us. We love helping customers build a special piece of jewelry by combining our beautiful chains and charms in unique ways.

Forge is the Laser Engraving side where we offer wood cutting boards, wood, metal and resin wallets, keychains, coasters and other wood gifts. All of our wood and metal surfaces are able to be engraved using our high tech laser engraving machine. Customers can pick from a vast inventory of our own designs or can choose to email us their own. We can typically complete a customers order right in front of them during the market! This provides a unique experience for our customers to be a part of the engraving process.

At Fit and Forge, personalization is our passion! We love when customers leave our business with a unique piece!

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Kirstie Russell
I am an 11 year experience math teacher who is new to the Cedar Park area! My husband, 3 year old son and I moved here in May of 2022 for teaching jobs and have fallen in love with the community and surrounding areas. Earlier this year, I decided to purchase a small welding machine and materials to begin a permanent jewelry business and have had so much fun learning the trade and perfecting my craft! I have practiced for months on family and friends and I am so ready to embark into large events with new clientele! This business helps to support a two-teacher household and provides us a little more financial freedom that we had before! Thank you in advance for supporting my small business!


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