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Andrew J Hall Art

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Andrew J Hall is an up-and-coming Author and Illustrator of (currently) 3 Children’s Picture Books and 1 60-Page Coloring Book, with many more stories on the way. Andrew’s whole desire and hope is to inspire imagination in kids with fun and adventurous stories.

His first three books, part of his “Bartholomew Babbitt” collection, are all about imaginative adventures, from a toy tugboat ride during Bathtime, a space adventure during bedtime, or a Wild Western bike adventure. These books are the flagship start to his writing and illustrating career.

Andrew was a professional firefighter before deciding to dive full time into writing and illustrating and although he holds his time in the fire service close, he undoubtedly has found his calling and purpose.

Andrew’s vision is to tell create fun and appealing characters, write adventurous stories, and create great art. All in hopes to inspire the imaginations of anyone who reads his books.

His Stories include:

Bartholomew Babbitt’s Bathtime Bonanza (author and illustrator)
Bartholomew Babbitt’s Bedtime Blastoff (author and illustrator)
Bartholomew Babbitt’s Bicycle Bronco (author and illustrator)
Coloring book- Bartholomew Babbitt’s Running Wild (author and Illustrator)

He has recently launched a plushie character to go along with his books.

Lots more on the way, so stay tuned and follow along on his Instagram for regular updates @andrewjhallart

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