Copper Fox Distillery

Specialty Food Artisan

, VA 23185

Copper Fox Distillery

Specialty Food Artisan


At Copper Fox, we dedicate ourselves to making truly great American spirits. Combining inspired innovation and venerable tradition, we are taking fine whisky to new levels, producing groundbreaking and unique flavor profiles.

Hand-crafted with original ideas and locally-sourced ingredients, each barrel starts from scratch with our own hand-malted barley. We flavor the grain with fruitwood smoke and age the spirit with a progressive series of new and used fruitwood chips in used bourbon barrels.

Visit one of our distilleries and see for yourself how we make world-class whiskies right here in Virginia. Take a tour of our production facilities. Meet some of the people helping to make whisky history. And best of all, sip and savor flights or craft cocktails made from our unique and wonderful products.

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Williamsburg, VA


Rick Wasmund
Rick is the founder and Managing Member of Copper Fox Distillery. Rick transitioned from a career in the financial sector with the original idea of making a great American Single Malt Whisky using innovative malting and aging techniques. Their first location in Sperryville since 2005 is housed in a rustic converted cider mill. With a growing need for additional malting, distilling, and storage capacity, they purchased the former Lord Paget Motor Inn complex from the City of Williamsburg in March 2015. Rick and his wife Chelsea, daughter Camille, son Mason, and distillery dog Ginny are at home both in Sperryville and Williamsburg.


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