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Silver Heart Crochet and More

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


Our Story:

It started with love...

My life has always known crafts and expression through creation. My mother would sit down at the sewing machine and make many wonderful items! I would peek over her shoulder to watch the magic of her hands working the material. After a little time, she sat me down in that same chair and taught me the tricks she had used many times before. Unfortunately, my mom is no longer with us, so I hold her teaching and gifts she's made very close to my heart!

It continues with tradition...

After my mom passed away, I inherited some of her crafting materials and even some of my great grandmothers. My great grandmothers crafting passion was embroidery and crochet. Around the house were some of the items she had made over the years from baby blankets to dainty doilies. Feeling the creative bug one day, I decided to pick up her hooks and yarn to see what I could create. Addicted to the craft from the start, I immediately understood the passion and love she poured into every single stitch of her creations for her friends and family. This inspired me to follow in her footsteps to make gifts for my family also and share my love for them.

My husband's grandmother also crocheted. She made so many beautiful creations from blankets to baby bibs. The most remarkable of them all is one she crocheted the lords prayer on and is on display occasionally at family mile stones! Unfortunately she passed away before I could learn the craft however I aspire to be that talented one day as I continue to grow our brand and crafts.

With all these wonderful women in our lives in spirit, we aspire to grow and create beautiful pieces for our customers and have that sentimental feel that is poured into each item. We hope that a part of us is joining you with your special gift or special occasion.

With love Brady and Jess owners of Silver Heart Crochet and more!

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