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Temple Treats

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Business Description

I was a stay-at-home mom who was looking for extra income while being home with my kid. The only thing I could think of was cooking and selling food at Thai temple events. I started selling chicken over rice and BBQ pork, and it went well, but I was still not satisfied. Then, I started to look into making crepes. There are many soft crepes out there, but there were no crispy crepes in this area, so I came up with my own recipe.

In Florida, it is hot, and people are always thirsty, so my husband and I decided to add drinks and smoothies to the menu. Refreshing slushy drinks are perfect with the crispy crepes. Our focus is on real ingredients, real fruits, and real sugar, with no corn syrup.

That is why we came up with our business name "Temple Treats." The Thai temple was the first place where we started selling our homemade food. I have now also obtained a food protection manager certification.

Product Description

The crepe filling can be sweet or savory, and customers can create their own crepes. We have many choices of fillings and sauces, and you can mix and match whatever you like!

Fillings: banana, strawberry, Nutella, Oreo cookies, marshmallow, almonds, mix berry jam, coconut flake, raisins, ham, cheese, egg, Thai chili jam, pork floss, bacon.

Prices start at $9 for 2 fillings, $10 for 3 fillings, and pork flosses are an additional $1.

Sauces (no charge): chocolate sauce, honey, caramel, condensed milk, ketchup, sweet chili sauce, mayo.

Smoothie Menu: pineapple, avocado, banana, mango, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, pina colada, coconut, lemonade, pink milk (Sala cider), Thai tea frappe, coffee frappe (price $6 per cup).

Vending Experience

I started selling at the Thai temple on weekends and during special events within the Thai community. I have been selling to a few places, such as Wat Florida Dhammaram (temple in Kissimmee), Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist temple (in Miami), Wat Punyawanaram (temple in Melbourne), and special events at Grove Roots Brewing in Winter Haven.

Now we have been selling food for one and a half years, and we have received great responses from customers. This is our motivation to come up with new and more food items on the menu.

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