Fluffy Butt Hut


Warren County MO 63357

Fluffy Butt Hut



The Fluffy Butt Hut was officially established in 2022. I have many animals on the farm including 24 Free Range chickens, 2 ducks and 2 geese (I am sure there are more to come soon). My eggs are 100% organic, free-range, fruit/veggie/mineral/grass fed diet and gathered with love daily. My feathered friends are more like pets as they live a happy life here on the farm and bring joy to me and all our visitors. And yes they all have names:)

Programs and Partners

Production Practices

Free Range Pastured Non Gmo Use Only Organic Materials No Till Antibiotic And Hormone Free

My chickens, ducks and geese are free range, grass/fruit/veggie/mineral supplement (winter months) fed, no chemicals used on the grass, and the eggs are gathered daily.


Marthasville, MO


Michelle Kopp
My name is Michelle and I recently moved to Marthasville in July of 2022. I have had farm animals since 2018 and my animals are more like pets than livestock. We moved to enjoy the beautiful countryside, fresh air and community environment. I have been collecting and selling eggs for a long time and want to extend my reach to my new community. My eggs are so fresh and delicious and once you try them you will ONLY want farm fresh eggs moving forward!