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Rains County, TX 75472

Embry Family Farm



Our names are Patrick and Esther Embry. We live and farm with our four children in rural East Texas, just north of small town Emory & south of Sulphur Springs. We have 32 acres, but we earn our living on about 2 acres of garden vegetables. Six years ago, we began farming part-time. We raised some beef, chicken, and a few vegetables, and sold them at a local market. After three years, farming became a full time occupation. Following customer demand and our own inclinations, we shifted our focus entirely to gardening.

Our farm is small and family run with a minimal amount of outside help. We try to continuously improve soil at the same time that we produce a salable crop. We also have begun to supplement our array of produce by working with other local gardeners whose practices are similar to our own. We rely primarily on them for greenhouse tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, and melons.

This year, 2019, will be our second full year at the Coppell Farmers Market. We've enjoyed learning to know the staff, customers, and other vendors; and we appreciate their interest and support.

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Production Practices

Use Only Organic Materials Integrated Pest Management Extended Growing Season Holistic Management Crop Rotation Cover Crops

We use organic and sustainable practices, although we have no certifications of any kind. We control pest infestations with protective netting on crops and, when necessary, organic sprays. We fertilize with compost and organic fertilizers that are animal product, plant, or rock-based.


Point, TX


Patrick Embry
Patrick is the primary owner/operator and is most often present at the market. Esther, Patrick's wife and the co-owner/operator of the farm may also be present at the market.