Sea Through the Wood

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Sea Through the Wood

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art



Live edge wood looks amazing covered in glossy epoxy or with a satin finish. From live edge wood, epoxy, glass and other products such as 15 beans, coffee beans, buttons, I am able to create charcuterie trays to tables, clocks, wall hangings and coasters.

I source my wood from a wood farm where I am able to select some of the most interesting parts of a tree - holes, knots, curves.

I then sand the wood to create the design, or what I want to make, a charcuterie tray as an example. Next I prepare the resin pour and either mix in pigment to create a beautiful color to complement the wood or glass or other products. This process is repeated several times.

I work over several days to ensure that the epoxy has set without any imperfections - sanding, applying the resin, ensuring no bubbles or imperfections.Once the epoxy has set, I complete the finishing touches and create a beautiful and in most cases a functional piece of art!

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