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Bristol County, MA


Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


At EmVaro, a cartoon cat, dragon and octopus bring a whimsical approach to optimism through everyday canvases — from plushies to children's books, coffee mugs to locally screenprinted T-shirts (and original art, too!).

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North Attleborough, MA


Emely Varosky
Hi! I’m Emely Varosky, an illustrator and children’s book author based in North Attleboro, Mass.

+ Graphic designer (since 2010)
+ Drinker of coffee (since adulting became a thing)
+ Stepmom (of 2 humans)
+ Mom (of 4 cats)
+ Wife (of 1 human) (as you might expect)

At EmVaro, my goal is to create encouraging illustrations of memorable characters (a cat, octopus, and dragon) about balancing All The Things while also making time for peace and quiet.

(In my spare time, I like using parentheses, apparently.)


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