Christine Messer Ceramics

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art

San Bernardino County, CA

Christine Messer Ceramics

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


I am a ceramic artist working primarily with stoneware clay and handmade artisan glazes. I specialize in wheel-thrown pots and mugs but also enjoy making mini sculptures and hand-built items. I am often influenced by the world around me, spending my time in nature or immersed in the world of fantasy and fiction. I find inspiration reading books like Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time or taking my pups on long walks and hikes through the woods. Historical eras like Roman culture and biblical times also inspire me. I believe God has given me a gift that I feel is best shared with others. My work brings me so much joy, and my goal is to bring joy to my customers and remind them of the things they love most.

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Christine Messer


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