MaD Seasoning

Specialty Food Artisan

, VA

MaD Seasoning

Specialty Food Artisan


MaD Seasoning is an all purpose seasoning that you use on anything that you would add salt and pepper to.
MaD Stands for Makes-a-Difference
Mattdad is a local chef, schooled at Johnson and Wales and several local restaurants, including Bistro 210, Mahi Mah's and The Willard Room in Washington DC. He teaches cooking classes at Kitchen Barn in VA Beach and this seasoning was
created to help the home cook cook food that tastes like restaurant quality food. It takes the guess work out of what do i season the dish with.
Gluten Free
All Natural
It is literally a parade in your mouth.
It originally was blended and packaged in our home, around our kitchen table in Chesapeake VA. Now it is mixed and bottled in Petersburg VA.
Come try a sample and see what this MaD revolution is all about.
Thank you Mattdad

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Chesapeake, VA


Matt Starcher
Local Chef with a Passion for food, teaching and presenting. I just want to make a difference and cook for you.
Dad of four....Mattdad
Married to my highschool sweetheart
Avid outdoorsman and serial griller.


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