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MEG's Edible Landscapes



MEG’s Edible Landscapes TM is on a mission to help you grow food at home or wherever you’re currently at (even If it’s in a van down by the river or your cubicle at work)! We’re setting the standard for a unique, customer-centered experience in the universe of food production featuring our famous fabric grow bags.

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Dennison, MN


Andrew Webster
I grew up in Silverdale, Wa on the Kitsap Peninsula and honestly couldn’t stand the rain! That’s why I now call Minnesota home with my wife and daughters, two dogs, chickens and tropical fish.

I bring with me over a decade’s worth of experience in growing food and am currently working on my degree in Horticulture at Oregon State University. There’s also an unquenchable thirst for plant knowledge springing up from within my soul. No screwing around here. It’s all about growing food!


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