Babka ATX

Specialty Food Artisan

Williamson County, TX 78750

Babka ATX

Specialty Food Artisan


Babka ATX is a woman-owned bakery, offering handmade, all natural, pillowy and decadent babkas, made with love and care locally in Austin, Texas.

Babka is a traditional Jewish pastry. Sariel, the founder, moved to the U.S. from the other side of the world. She was used to having babka next to her coffee, for breakfast, as a dessert, an afternoon snack or as a late night munch. Babka was on the table in every gathering and celebration. Moving through many new places in the U.S., she was always on the lookout for babka. She was looking for a connection to her home, something familiar.
Sariel realized many people out there never heard of babka (unless they watched the Seinfeld episode lol) so she perfected her family’s recipe and added twists - unique flavors such as butter pecan and Nutella tahini.

Our babkas are soft, moist, semi-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth and pair perfectly with hot/cold coffee or tea.

Babka ATX brings a bit of joy to those who experience our babka, be it a taste of nostalgia or a new favorite treat.

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