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U Rock Art, LLC

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


Caroline Peabody always had a love of the earth, rocks and fossils. When she was a young child, she painted rocks and sold them. She continued with her art, expanding to carvings and crystals and jewelry and home decor pieces with pewter and crystals. She goes on digs with her husband for fossils and crystals and is always happy to be in the dirt discovering the beauty of our planet. She hosts scouts and explorers and other children's groups and presents geological discovery sessions throughout the year. Caroline's husband John is a veteran and her adult boys both have served (one currently serving in the Navy). She enjoys festivals and her husband started a company "U Rock Art" to support her work. U Rock strives to lift the spirit of all they encounter- feeling strongly that every one they meet truly "rocks"!

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Hampton, VA


Caroline G Peabody
John and Caroline are a wonderful outdoorsy couple who love to bring crystals and fossils and the beauty of the earth to folks.


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