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We have relocated to Jarrell acreage late June 2020! However, we lived in Georgetown since 1995 and started bees in 2005 when my oldest son wanted to keep honeybees. We researched and joined a local beekeeping club called Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association (WCABA.org). They offered a scholarship and tutor to school age youth under 19 who were interested in keeping bees. So my oldest son applied and won some bees, equipment, bee boxes, a tutor and the next thing we know…many years later, we are a small family company business selling honey and beeswax products. Much happened in those years including my 2nd son pursuing the beekeeping scholarship too and winning it. The boys started removing unwanted honeybees from structures and homes as part time work with my help as chauffeur and counselor/mentor. They shared this new love with many friends in scouts, 4-H, speech and debate friends, and church. We researched bees, participated in the bee club, made many mistakes on swarms, removals, and realize we have much more to learn about these amazing insects!
I have expanded the honey business to include natural products including vegan soaps, creamed honey, pecans, dry beeswax lotion sticks (my bestseller) and more. I now sell our honey in several stores and online but the best place to meet me and get the full view/explanation of all my products is at the weekly Wolf Ranch Farmers Market every Sat at 8:30-1pm (rain or shine or ice) or at market days on Georgetown Square.

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Antibiotic And Hormone Free Holistic Management Integrated Pest Management

We do not use any chemicals on our land or bees-period. I buy varroa resistant queens to keep hives healthier and we plant native plants and flowers for best pollen and nectar sources. We use IPM as needed.


Jarrell, TX


Elizabeth A Exley
I have been beekeeping since 2006 when our 2 oldest boys wanted to start keeping bees. We turned it into a honeybee swarm removal business for several years and in 2011, we started selling our honey and making other natural products from the beeswax. Since then the labor force has moved out and the bees are managed by my spouse and myself. All the wonderful products are hand-made by me.


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