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Yowza Spice Co

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Say goodbye to crushed red pepper, say hello to Yowza chili spice - a unique, flavorful blend of premium pepper flakes and spices that'll have you burning for more. Made with all-natural ingredients, the bulk of our recipe consists of an assortment of chili pepper varieties. A hint of paprika, garlic, onion, and sea salt is also added to create the ultimate chili spice! Yowza chili spice is incredibly versatile and makes a fantastic compliment to just about any dish. We currently carry 4 blends which vary in heat intensity levels and flavor. A gift box of all 4 blends is also available.

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Mark Perun
My wife and I LOVE everything spicy! We've been chili spice fanatics our entire lives. It's one of the many things we bonded over in our relationship, and one of the few things we could never easily give up! Throughout our travels, we made it a priority to try some of the wonderful spicy cuisines and native chili peppers in the countries we visited - from Thai peppers (aka Birds Eye chili) in Thailand, to Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper) in India, to Maras and Aleppo peppers in Turkey, to Habanero, Serrano, Ancho, and Arbol peppers in Mexico. Then one day it dawned on us...why not turn our spicy pleasures into passion. Why not create something that can spice up our dishes without drastically altering the flavor of the food we're eating (as hot sauces often do). Something that we can put on pretty much...well...everything! Shortly after moving to Texas, Yowza chili spice was born.


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