Bengal Blooms


Columbia County, OR 97051

Bengal Blooms



We are a small microfarm of 1/4 acre that produces produce for our family and cut flowers to make and sell bouquets.

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Production Practices

No Till

We use a no dig soil method to grow everything and use only compost to feed and revitalize our beds with. Not certified organic but make use of organic practices and don't spray pesticides.


St. Helens, OR


Sheena Suleiman
It's just me Sheena, my husband Josh and son Zakaria. We've always had a huge success selling our cut flower dahlias that we've used for years to bring in pollinators to our veggie garden. All of our neighbors begged us to sell them bouquets and that eventually turned into selling bouquets on a roadside stand in front of our house. This year we plan to up our game and get rid of the grass in the front yard to install flower beds to grow classic market bouquet flowers (like snapdragons, daisies, zinnias, sunflowers and more!). We are not sure if our road side stand could take the volume of flowers growing out of there, so we wanted to try out doing a market to see if we could sell our flowers successfully.