Nate's Raw Harvest

Specialty Food Artisan

Denton County, TX 76209

Nate's Raw Harvest

Specialty Food Artisan


Nate's Raw Harvest was started in 2010 and specializes in sprouted nuts, seeds, and nut butters as well as baked goods. All products are 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy/egg free, soy/corn free, and processed sugar free. Every single product is personally hand-made by Nate and Christina in Denton, TX.

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Production Practices

All organic nuts and seeds are pre-soaked in a solution of Celtic salt and filtered water for 12-14 hours, This soaking process neutralizes the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors naturally present on the nuts and seeds and begins the germination process. This increases the nutrient density and makes them much easier to digest. The nuts and seeds are then gently dried for 72 hours at low temperatures in order to preserve the enzymes and leave them raw and alive! Lastly, they are turned into wonderful snacks for you and your family to enjoy! Guaranteed to be sprouted, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, grain-free, peanut-free, soy-free, vegan and vegetarian friendly.

All baked goods are handmade using only organic, gluten-free almond flour or oat flour. Organic coconut oil and local, raw honey are used in place of eggs and milk.


Denton, TX


Nate and Christina
The company is owned and operated by Nathan Jackson, a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach in Denton, TX. His passion for high-quality nutrition led him to the decision to create Nate’s Raw Harvest and bring the benefits of sprouted, organic, raw foods to the public. Nathan, 40, was born and raised in Ft. Worth and spends his free time with his wife and their three sons. He has a degree in exercise science from UT Arlington and has been certified through ACSM, NASM, and the CHEK Institute.


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