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Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


All my life I dreamed of being a fashion designer, I got to study in the best fashion institutes in the Dominican Republic.
In 2014 I had my beautiful daughter and I had to stop my studies and my career to work in something that would give us monthly support.
In 2018 I was operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome and since then I have never been able to design or sew by hand again.
At the beginning of 2022 I moved with my husband to Jacksonville FL, as everything started it was difficult and I was unemployed; as creativity was still inside me and the dreams of being a designer were still there, I decided to try something different, where I could express all my ideas and not have difficulty with my hands, ResinMaly was born there, with epoxy resin I learned to exploit my potential without having to mistreat my hands.
Nowadays I dedicate myself mainly to making purses with resin covers, thus combining my two passions, sewing and art.

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