KyCo Creations

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art

Allen County, IN 46825

KyCo Creations

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


We are a small family owned craft business. We have a Etsy shop online. We specialize in making beaded jewelry and crocheted crafts. We love creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, keychains, dish scrubbies and more.

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Fort Wayne, IN


Jennifer Jones and The KyCo Creations Team
We are a family who loves to craft. I am Jennifer and I enjoy making beaded jewelry. I spend most of my time creating new designs. I have 3 kids, 2 of which our grown adults and a 10 year old. My sister in law Amber loves to craft and her area is crocheting. She is most relaxed while making blankets, face scrubbies, dish scrubbies and more. My 20 year old daughter Jessica volunteers her free time as our social media manager. Jessica is a full time college student. Deb is my mother who volunteers her time by helping us in any way she can. She is our biggest supporter. We our a close family who loves to support one another. We enjoy bring smiles to all of our customers.


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