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Barb & Lew is named with respect to my paternal grandmother, and reverence for my maternal grandfather. They were two distinctly different human beings, sometimes at great odds, who found common ground in a shared love for their grandchildren and tending to those things that would grow in the soil surrounding their respective homes. My grandmother, Barbara Anne, tended to a lush vegetable garden where collards and turnips flourished, while my grandfather, Lewis, was a meticulous lawn keeper who cared equally for the wildflower bed and apple trees in his backyard. Barb & Lew represents a creative spiritual legacy, a plant passion passed down over a generation from my grandparents to you by way of their granddaughter.

Our goal with Barb & Lew is to provide customers with an opportunity to find, practice, and master their own peace, cultivating passion through our unique, plant decor. Current products are root vases of various sizes available for purchase locally at seasonal pop ups, farmers markets, and craft fairs in the greater DC metropolitan area. Visit our Instagram, @barbandlew, to stay posted on our whereabouts

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All of our plants have been grown and propagated in my home. Once they are ready, they are uniquely placed in vases for sale.


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Jordan Warner
Jordan Warner is the owner of Barb & Lew Planterior Design. She is an 11th-grade Modern World History teacher and has been teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools for the past 11 years. Jordan likes to spend her spare time with her family as well as tending to her garden and houseplants