Honey Brook Farms


Culpeper County, VA 22714

Honey Brook Farms



Family run ‘Beyond Organic’ farm offering Pasture Raised meats & eggs (incl. bone-in & boneless Chicken/Turkey), 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef, whole grain & no-gluten baked goods, RAW Honey, & organically grown heirloom produce certified by Certified Naturally Grown. Our feed is tested & guaranteed to have No GMO's, No Herbicides, & No Herbicides. As we have come to understand how nutritionally deficient, chemically full, & genetically modified the mainstream food supply has become, our family is grateful to provide our community with sustainably grown products using organic & holistic methods as stewards of the land.

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Certified Naturally Grown

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100 Percent Grass Fed Pastured Antibiotic And Hormone Free Non Gmo Crop Rotation Cover Crops Extended Growing Season Holistic Management Polyculture Design


Brandy Station, VA


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