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Be Your High-Est was founded with the belief that through self-care and wellness strategies, we can overcome challenges and become our best selves. Founders Thane and Cynthia Murphy have worked exceptionally hard to overcome physical disabilities and challenges. They created this brand to spread awareness and help others use holistic approaches to overcome their own challenges and become the best versions of themselves.

We offer a line of products focused on helping people achieve better physical and mental health.

All our products are:
Vegan & Cruelty-Free
100 percent natural

We use the highest quality ingredients to create premium quality products. We are committed to providing all-natural products that make a difference in the lives of our customers.

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Cynthia Cherise Murphy
Cynthia Cherise Murphy is a Ph.D. student in business administration and marketing at Capella University. As a disabled high school and college dropout, she bravely persevered in the face of rejection and began earning her college degrees after returning to school. She is a graduate student researcher and CFO at Assuaged, Inc. dba Be Your Highest.

Cynthia works as a freelance disabilities writer and fashion model at the Kiss The Monkeys celebrity organization. Cynthia holds an MPH from Purdue University and an MPIC in clinical psychology, and a BA in criminal justice.

Murphy works as a health and wellness activist and CFO with her husband Thane through their award-winning mobile app and website Assuaged and Be Your Highest. Cynthia advocates for health while managing a team network of 500+ students at their nonprofit corporation Assuaged Foundation.