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Your local Grade A Goat Dairy Farm in Southern California. We are well known locally, established in Ontario, California rooted in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our farm is considered a farmstead. We milk and use our farm-fresh milk to make our delectable cheese in our kitchen farm. The cheese is sent to our cave to age in darkness or stored in refrigeration. We are considered an artisanal operation, where we make our cheese all by hand.

The owner, Dan Drake, is also a licensed veterinarian who takes care of each one of his goats alongside his Farm Hand Crew.

There are over 800 goats on the farm & each one has a name!

Our happy healthy goats give off only the highest quality Grade A milk. Pasteurized by our Licensed Artisanal Chef at the normal temperature range of 145 degrees to kill off any harmful bacteria and made with only the Finest French Cultures in our kitchen. We are inspected by our local state health inspectors and hold a current Grade A. We have all current state permits and produce only the finest goat cheese. We sell to distributors, deliver to our commercial accounts, and have various vendors who sell at local farmer markets around Southern California.

We sell spreadable cheese, soft-ripened cheese, natural hard rind cheese, and a brined goat milk feta cheese.

Our Chevre is a soft-served spreadable cheese packaged in small individual 4oz tubs or commercial vacuum-sealed 3.5lb & 10lb bags. We have different flavors to offer plain, jalapeno, apricot & honey, herbs de Provence, and garlic & onion.

Our Glacier, a soft-ripened bloomy-rind cheese, is aged for a week in a damp ac controlled room for a better-tasting edible rind and will continue to ripen in the package if gooey consistency is preferred.

Mt. Baldy is also a soft-ripened bloomy-rind cheese aged a week to taste. The only difference is it’s first sprinkled with organic vegetable ash before setting in the cave to age. This cheese is a big hit with wine enthusiasts who love to pair cheese with their fine wine.

Idyllwild, another cheese that is a big hit with wine enthusiasts, is a natural hard rind cheese. This cheese is aged in darkness for up to 3 months in wheels and then cut into wedges. This cheese has a creamy texture inside with a hard edible shell on the outside.

Feta is low in sodium and fat but high in protein. Packaged in 4oz, 1lb, and 7lb commercial vacuum-sealed bags.

If you liked what you heard about Drake Family Farms Farmstead and our Artisinal Goat Cheese please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. We hope that you would consider doing business with our artisan farmstead and become a part of the family in hopes of spreading the love of our cheese. Support your local farm to keep farm life in California striving!

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