Reichard Sweets, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

Allen County IN 46803

Reichard Sweets, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


Reichard Sweets, LLC, sells a unique variety of homemade specialty chocolates. Not only do we make various fudge items such as peanut butter vanilla, walnut fudge, cherry cream, white chocolate peppermint, to name a few, but we also make various confections such as peanut butter balls, dark chocolate orange balls, maple cream & maple nut balls, coconut, lemon, brownie balls, chocolate truffles, and strawberry lemonade balls, etc. We also make delicious chocolate frosted Rice Krispie bars and Peanut Butter chocolate topped Rice Krispie bars, along with various seasonal items throughout the year. Please check out our website to order online at and/or come see us at YLNI Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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Fort Wayne, IN


Christina Reichard
My sister-in-law and I enjoy making chocolates together and look forward to being part of this market.


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