Anchored WashMo

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art

Franklin County MO 63056

Anchored WashMo

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


We are a business that offers "permanent jewelry." Permanent jewelry is a popular trend that lets you take your jewelry and make it more convenient for don't have to take it off! We use a pulse arc welding machine to attach your jewelry with a jump ring. We offer bracelets, ankle bracelets, and necklaces in 14 k gold filled chain and sterling silver chain. 14 K gold coming soon!

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Leslie, MO


Samantha Dierking and Olivia Luelf
We are sisters who have always wanted to be in business together. Permanent jewelry is a popular trend that we love and there was nothing like that in our area, so we wanted to change that!


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