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Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


MoonchildsObsession is a crystal shop full of hand-curated and handmade specialities! All Jewelry is handmade including but not limited to, earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets; all necklaces are wire woven by yours truly with a variety of metals! We also carry hand-carved & tumbled crystals, gems, and minerals! We carry about 85 different tumbled stones and hundreds of high quality stones from all over the world; all at affordable pricing! Its truly a sight-to-see!

At MoonchildsObsession, We strive to make every visit special thats why I educate my customers on my products about each crystal, its name, where it comes from, the energy it possesses, and how it will benefit them in their healing journey! (Info cards are also provided or can be written down at customers request)
We display hundreds of stones daily, what you can find on an average day:
85 different tumbled stones $2-$6 each
Smudge/Sage Bundles
Crystal Spheres
Crystal Hearts
Crystal Wands
Crystal Towers
Crystal Carvings (Animals, Flowers, Skulls, Cartoon Characters, Anime Characters, Moons, Stars)
Raw Specimen
Crystal Geodes
Crystal Slabs & Charging plates
Crystal Bead Bracelets
Crystal Ring Bands
Crystal Wire Rings
Crystal Sterling Rings
Crystal Sterling or Stainless Steel Earrings
Wire Woven Crystal Necklaces

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Homestead, FL


Kassaundra Reyes
My name is Kassaundra but everyone calls me Kaysi!! Im 24 years old and i am the proud owner of a traveling crystal shop! As an artist and a crystal lover i’ve put my heart & soul into my work in order to spread love and light throughout the world!


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