Aga Certified Grass-Fed Beef

Valentine's Bakery & Meats

AGA Certified Grass-Fed Beef


Our Angus Beef is raised all-natural, grass-fed, free-range, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no steroids. The cuts are- ground beef, ground beef patties, sirloin, sirloin strip, rib, rib eye, t-bone, porterhouse, new york strip, filet mignon, hanging tenderloin, flank, skirt, london broil, and flat iron steak, chuck, sirloin tip, prime rib, eye round, brisket, and rump roast, kabobs, stew meat, short ribs, oxtail, arm bone for soup, bones, heart, liver, tongue, hot dogs, beef sausages, farmers style sweet bologna, jerky, and beef sticks. For more info visit our website at


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Valentine's Bakery & Meats

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Producer Beef Grass Fed Certified Aga Grass Fed Grass Finished Free Range Farm Fresh Beef Steaks