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San Bernardino County, CA


Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


So my online store was always a dream of my dads that he never got a chance to do so i do it in honor of him, and the tumblers are because i love to craft, but im old school because i dont have a cricut or anything i do everything by hand. Well i saw the cup spinners asked for one for my birthday my daughter sent it early i started doing tumblers enjoyed it have lots of ideas and the rest is history so to speak and now i have more than 1 cup spinner.

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Big Bear Lake, CA


Dana Bickham
theres just me. and the history of the business is me except that crafting is my zen and i do more than just tumblers i paint,crochet, sew many other things because its just me up here and i have some time.


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