Sweet Twist of Ecuador LLC Ana's Twist

Specialty Food Artisan

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Sweet Twist of Ecuador LLC Ana's Twist

Specialty Food Artisan


Ana’s Twist is a woman owned business focused on producing the world’s highest quality, great tasting, healthy, and vegetarian products. We are focused on preferred American foods with the traditional Ecuadorian heritage edge. Our food selections are the finest cuisine because we are particular about using local produce. We look to expand the choices for those seeking a full-time or partial vegetarian lifestyle along with kid’s healthy treats.

Everything we prepare has Ecuadorian Tradition behind it. We do a rare exotic combination to have a different healthy good choices. We want to educate our customers so they can eat healthy and fresh foods in order to improve their lifestyles and keep artificial ingredients out of the body.

We want the American population to know about more Ecuador through Ana’s food, so they can have a healthy alternative and fresh options for their families

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Alexandria, VA


Ana Garcia
Ana was born in Ecuador and grew up in Quito where she learned her kitchen skills and love of cooking from her mother and grandmother. As a child, Ana loved watching and helping her prepare her real fruit ice cream for a treat. Her grandmother, who is turning 100 this year, still cooks amazing soups and food with fresh ingredients. She makes healthy juices using just fresh veggies and fruits that are always ready for a mid-morning drink. Her mother loves to prepare all kind of Ecuadorian sweet traditions to make everybody happy.

Ana studied naturopathy and holistic food in Ecuador where she learned how to be healthy naturally. Ana strongly believes that with a healthy body, you don t have to take medicines because you can get better using natural remedies. She uses only natural products for her and her family. She knows her daughter enjoys her healthy life style, free of artificial ingredients.

In Ecuador Ana’s and her husband Mauricio got the idea to open an ice cream shop where she would make her delicious products using just local and real ingredients. Ana became famous of for her 650 flavors based on the idea of using simple and seasonal products and transforming their aromas, colors and textures of richness and diversity of Ecuadorian flavors.

Ana, Mauricio, and her daughter move to Northern Virginia where she found that working and taking care of her daughter difficult to deal with. Ana’s love for food and heritage drove her to start her business, a series of pop-up with the Ecuadorian Embassy. She created a tasting menu using seasonal products that enhanced her favorite Ecuadorian flavors. Ana’s seven years old daughter has a lot of fun helping with her mom s cooking. She is the official taste tester who helps mom to create flavors of the soups and sorbets she sells. If her daughter says it’s delicious, it will be a successful.