Detroit Made Pottery

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Detroit Made Pottery

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


I am a local, Detroit based artist and I handmake all my work (pottery and paintings) at my home studio in Hamtramck. I have exhibited and sold pottery and paintings in the Detroit area for 25 years. I sell work through the Detroit Artist's Market, Noel Night, Russell Industrial Fair (sadly no longer running), Fabulous Ferndale and various other venues.

I hope to sell my pottery at the Eastern Market and if that goes well I would like to eventually exhibit/sell my Detroit urban landscape painting there as well.

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Detroit, MI


Laura Macintyre - Detroit Made Pottery
I don't have a team - its just me! I have a BFA from Wayne State , an MA from Marygrove College and I teach high school art on Grosse Ile. I have two home studios in Hamtramck, one for pottery - one for painting and it is my passion to be creative and to make art. Being a maker gives my life meaning and I couldn't live without doing it.

I am also an enthusiastiac Detroit citizen and have lived in the city for 30 years. The physical landscape and the maker/inventor culture of our city is the inspiration for my work. That is why I hope to make the Eastern Market a regular part of my practice.


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