Number 1 Sons

Specialty/Food Artisan

, DC 20002


Producer Fermented Foods

We only use domestically grown pickling cucumbers - these are generally available May to October! Our farm picks cucumbers daily to our size spec and delivers to us weekly so we always have fresh pickles in season. You can't find Half Sours like ours anywhere in the DC-area!

We put down extra fermented Super Sour pickles in late fall - these reserve barrels mean we bring Super Sours to market into the winter.

In the colder winter months, we can't guarantee the freshness of the pickling cucumber crop when they're shipping from across the border. Instead of offering cucumber pickles year-round, we embrace seasonality and switch to locally grown daikon radishes.

Here's a sample of our fermented cucumber pickles:
- Half Sours
- Crispy Koshers
- Deli Dills
- Super Sours

Here's a sample of our ACV pickles:
- Sunny Dills
- Honey Habaneros (using local honey)
- Szechuan
- Gin Gingers (using local spent gin botanicals)
- Cornichons - very special when we get extra small cucumbers