Number 1 Sons

Specialty/Food Artisan

, DC 20002


Producer Kimchi

We offer two types of kimchi year-round: Sons Kimchi and a spicier Kicky Kimchi. Our most popular products! We offer seasonal kimchis, too. Despite having ~20 products at our stand at one time, 25% of our shoppers buy kimchi on a weekly basis.

Our kimchis are a base of napa cabbage and daikon radish. We've found that this is the most versatile kimchi. Our paste is flavorful from ginger, garlic, onion + more, but not watery like many store kimchis. Both of our classic kimchi varieties are vegan-friendly - something that our customers LOVE. Folks often tell us that they eat our kimchi straight from the jar - so we've cut our kimchi vegetables for a pleasurable eating experience! But, our kimchi is also great to cook with. We love making a simple kimchi pancake or fried rice. We also use it anywhere we'd add hot sauce or spicy chutney.