Prairie Farmstead


Grayson County, TX 75092

Prairie Farmstead



We are a family farm committed to regenerative agriculture. We produce 100% grass fed and finished beef, pastured pork and pasture raised eggs on our small farm in Sherman.

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Antibiotic And Hormone Free Pastured Free Range Non Gmo 100 Percent Grass Fed Perennial Crops Holistic Management Cover Crops No Till Polyculture Design

Our beef and eggs are not only on pasture, but rotated for their health, our health and land health. Our beef is 100% grass-fed, not fed any protein supplements even during the winter months. Our pastures are without herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilizers. Our hens not just have access to grass but are given new areas to peck, eat and explore every couple of days with a mobile chicken coup and movable fencing. Our pastured pork is forest raised where the pigs can root and roam. Hens and pigs are supplemented with non-GMO feed that is soy and corn free.


Sherman, TX


Chuck Trowbridge
Even as the son of a farmer, I became passionate about regenerative agriculture as an adult. My wife and in-laws share this passion, and our farm is multigenerational that aims to provide the best food for our family and community while healing the land we steward. The whole family is involved, from our Papa Farmer to the Little Farmers. We love to show people where their food can come from with an open door policy and scheduled tours.


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