Cactus & Clover, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

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Cactus & Clover, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


Cactus & Clover was established as an avenue to share my sauces with everyone. I currently have my original sauce "Jorge O'Malley Flavor Sauce" and "3 Daughters Hot Sauce " to offer. Jorge O'Malley Flavor Sauce has a vinegar base with a little heat at the beginning that dissipates quickly as to not overtake the meal. That is why it is referred to as a "flavor sauce", not too hot and adds flavor to the meal. It is available in 8 oz bottles ($6 each) and 1 gallon jugs ($35). The Jorge O'Malley Flavor Sauce is currently available in Lakeland in the BBQ section of Crowder Bros Ace Hardware (Southgate Center), Pinch-A-Penny (Lakeland Highlands), and in Lithia at Rick's Custom Meats. The 3 Daughters Hot Sauce is a traditional hot sauce made from a unique blend of three peppers. It provides popping flavor and the hotness will leave you warm without overpowering your meal. Cactus & Clover participates in the night markets at local breweries and Farmers Markets with a 10x10 tent and display counter. There are always samples available for customers. The majority of the time a customer tastes a sample they buy at least one bottle.

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Page G Godwin
I grew up in South Carolina barbequing/smoking whole hogs, Boston butts, and chickens for family, friends, and Church events. After each event, the crowds would get larger and the requests for my sauce would increase. I developed my recipe through experience and the love of cooking for others. The original sauce is named Jorge O'Malley due to my middle name is "George" and a tribute to my Mother's family Irish ancestry. My career has been in the food processing industry, and in 2020 I took the big step to produce my own recipes of sauce. I found a co-packer in Winter Springs, FL, that has all the licensing and inspections to produce and bottle my sauce. I enjoy talking with people about cooking and barbequing - food brings people together. I didn't start the sauce business to become part of the BBQ Competition circuit, I started this journey for the enjoyment of cooking and how that brings family and friends together.


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