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Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


100% Pure Locally Sourced Beeswax Handmade Candles, BeesMelts, & Space Awakening Spritzers. Candles are Infused with Essential Oils & Ground Incense. WoodWicks (Cross Wicks in 4oz & Waffle in 10oz). Our Bees Melts, as we call them, are Wax melts made from 100% Pure Beeswax & each Octagon piece has an imprint of a honeycomb or Bee. The Space Awakening Spritzers are 1oz Amber Glass spray bottles filled with our Signature Essential Oil Blended Scents. Our Spritzers are made simply with Essential Oils & filtered water can help transform the aroma of any room, car, office space, or bathroom! All products are Crafted with Intentions of love, light, healing, prosperity, & happiness!!

**Beeswax is non-toxic & also releases negative ions to clean & purify the air. When beeswax is burned, the flame emitted from the wax is the same light spectrum as the Sun!! Hence the name, SunFlame! This will promote a healing frequency in your home by having a piece of the Sun inside of it! Awake your Space!**

We Offered Candles Scented & Unscented (Which we call All Natural)

4oz Jars $15 or 2 for $25
All Natural: $10 or 2 for $20
10oz Jars $35 or 3 for $90
All Natural: $30 or 3 for $75
Bees Melts (100% Pure Beeswax Melts for wax melt burner) $17 for 6pk
Space Awakening Spritzer: $7 for 1oz Amber Glass Bottle

I have always been a candle lover— until I started getting headaches every time I would burn conventional candles in my home. Then, I had a friend from England send me a beeswax candle! Complete game changer; no headache & my air actually seemed cleaner! After some research, I found out how candles were made, the ingredients etc. I learned how incredible beeswax is for our air space & put my own spiritual flair on the candles by adding the ground incense & essential oils to create a scented beeswax candle. Each candle is crafted with intended thoughts of love & positive energy for its’ User. It is my belief that thoughts manifest reality. By sending/intending positive energy vibrations into each candle, I believe it becomes a vessel of love, light, potential healing, prosperity, & happiness entering every purchaser’s home!! I took a beautiful gift that was given to me & wish to share it with others!! I have spent almost 2 years crafting the perfect candle before I truly released it for public purchase! I have done much research, product review, distribution among friends, family, & local community to ensure my candle has the highest possible NATURAL quality for everyone! It’s time…Awake your Space!

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Shea Tinsley
I’m 32 years old, born in Lakeland, lived in Winter Haven, FL my whole life. Graduated from Winter Haven High & am Polk State Alumni. My husband & I (Married for 12 years in March) have been on an epic spiritual journey teaching us a lot in the ways of mind, body, spirit, & that we are all connected as one. It has literally been equivalent to the transformative processes of a butterfly for us both! I feel it is important to include that, as it is a huge part of my life & I believe it led me to where I am now with these beeswax candles! All of that learning taught me many things, but respect for all life forms & our environment is one of the ones I hold highest. It’s unfortunately, something I’ve found that is almost lacking in our society. I’m blessed to help be apart of a community helping people invest more into the quality of themselves & the environment surrounding them!
I worked in eye care (originally as Eye Express) at MyEyeDr for 8 years as an Optometric Technician. My husband & I had identical twin daughters in 2018; which really signified a major blessing to all our work on our own individual selves & together as a unit! Then COVID happened (hahaha as anyone can say) & motherhood became the forefront of my responsibilities. I have been a stay at home mom since the end of 2020, crafting this unique candle experience!
I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to present my product & for everyone working towards a better world!! Thank you!
Much love, light, & infinite blessings to all!


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