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Remedy design shop

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


Remedy Designs was originally born from my own need to connect back with nature. I was working as a personality on a stressful morning show in Austin, and rediscovered my peace in hiking, gardening, and foraging flowers.

I quickly realized the power that flowers have to bring people happiness or serve as a strong connection to nature or a happy memory. They are the perfect gift for celebration, or for offering condolences. My greatest joy is hearing from a customer that a certain flower reminds them of someone dear to them, and in turn wearing one of our pieces brings them happiness. We knew that Texans love their bluebonnets -but over the pandemic we realized how many people associate bluebonnets as a symbol of home that so many were missing. My goal is to continue to provide those connections… those strong feelings of comfort.

Over the years I’ve gained my husband Trevor as a full time business partner, as well of several other family members who help us with the growing, pressing and preserving of our flowers.

We now grow most of our own flowers at our farm, and in the near future hope to be able to offer cut flowers and stemmed dry flowers as well.

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