H&A family farm


Yamhill County, OR 97114

H&A family farm



h&a family farm, was born after a few years working for someone else. my wife, who is in charge of five children, takes care of our garden and always planted plants and always insisted that we should work on our own, I wasn't sure, since it was the only income of the household and I thought that it would be better if it wasn't going to work, but Well, I listened to her and in 2021 I registered my name. We started working with the help of our children and the help of Stephens Farm, who I have known and worked with for years. They helped us and advised us what to do and how, it was a lot of help from them, I will always be grateful to them. and the main thing in this adventure is family. always, and despite everything join forces together without any condition....

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Yamhill County, OR


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