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In 2018, Hoosier Homestead Kunekunes (pronounced cooney-cooneys) began our dream of providing the highest-quality pasture-raised pork to members of our family and the community.  We are a small family farm in Adams County, which lies in Northeast Indiana.  We ethically and sustainably raise registered Kunekune pigs in an open, outdoor environment where they have unlimited access to fresh air, pasture, and sunshine. Our pigs eat high-quality, locally-sourced feed, free from animal by-products and growth promotants, and they are never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We believe that these ideal conditions allow us to provide families with healthy pork and lard products from happy hogs. 

Why pasture-raised pork, you may ask?  Pasture-raised pork is better for you, the land, and the animal for many reasons!  The pork from a pasture-raised pig is higher in antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin E, and selenium.  It also is lower in saturated fat and has more heart-healthy unsaturated fats such as omega 3s.  Being raised outdoors provides an environment with a much lower stress level.  The grazing and fertilizing done by the pigs provide a sustainable regeneration of the pasture as well!    

What is a Kunekune pig and what makes them different?  We chose the Kunekune  breed due to their delicious, red, marbled meat, their ease of care, and their fantastic temperament.  The Kunekune is a rare, lard-type heritage breed, meaning that they are a long established breed that has not been selectively bred to maximize growth and meat production in a commercial farming setting. Kunekunes are characterized by their upturned snout, smaller size, and wattles that hang from their jowls.  The breed originated in New Zealand, where they were kept by the native Maori people.  In an effort to keep this wonderful breed from extinction,  they were exported to the UK and the US in the mid 1990s.  

We are honored to share our passion for pigs with the community and provide healthy, delicious, pasture-raised pork to local consumers.  Thank you for supporting small farmers in your area!

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